WINIW Optimistic The Car Interior Business,focus On Expanding This Market.

- Mar 28, 2018-

Since 2014,Over the past four years, WINIW has been continuously developing in the research of synthetic leather technology and materials, and has made some breakthroughs and achievements in the synthetic leather industry. With the wide application range of synthetic leather, automobile synthetic leather interior becomes the popular hot spot nowadays.

WINIW microfiber is bullish on car interior business, and will focus on expanding the market, but the car interior business and auto makers certification and development cycle is long, need a long time, we will try our best to shorten the cycle.

WINIW microfiber automotive interior products has been successfully entered the market, good product main mechanical and physical properties, can meet the requirements of Europe and the United States and Japan's car interior. Smoothly at the same time, set the island microfiber product development, market sales, is expected to begin in the second half will be island microfiber can completely replace the imported high-grade ultra-fine fiber products and natural leather products, in the automotive, aircraft interiors, clothing, military and other high-end field has wide application prospect and development potential.

Environmental policy strictly, makes the synthetic leather industry enterprises need to improve production technology, research and development of new environmentally friendly synthetic leather material, strictly abide by the effluent standard and can withstand the test of the market.

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