The Characteristics Of Various Leather Materials Of Hand Leather

- Aug 09, 2017-


  The leather material of general manual leather goods has cow skin, sheepskin, python skin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin, lizard skin, deerskin.


1.Cow skin


  Common dermis is the first layer and the second layer, According to the compressed grain, there are cross - grain, litchi-grain.  The former is good quality and clear texture ,and the resilience, gloss and  good  hand feeling.  The latter is a cow's abdomen or a defective skin ,The surface is coated with PU and other films to cover defects,Its quality is inferior to that of the first layer.  So some businesses will use a second layer of cow skin to fake the top layer


  The most common way to identify the two is to observe its cross section.The top layer is a separate layer,No interlayer ,with a tight cut, usually irregular fibers pulling out. For the second layer, because of its making process, the surface coating and animal fiber tissue layer will be seen, and the cross section is rough.Another way to do this is to press the pressure on the top layer of the skin, where the texture of the skin is radiated, while the skin of the second layer is painted on the surface, so the texture will not change.




  They are generally divided into goat skin and sheep skin, both of which are scaly. But the goat skin is more delicate.

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 sheepskin leather.jpg

3.Python skin


Its natural characteristics make it difficult to make imitation: the pattern is bright and clear, the scales are arranged neatly, and the top of the scales can be separated from the whole  But don't worry about using the problem. Just try to do it for the first two weeks   The scales will slowly absorb the moisture and grease of the hands, and they will be very good on the skin  Even if the scales don't rub together, the anaconda will have a very good effect on the skin, and it will be completely different from the previous one


4.Crocodile skin


Due to the scarcity of the small amount of leather that can be used in the narrow part of the crocodile's abdomen, it is more luxurious, Crocodile skin, though lacking in elasticity, is solid, domineering, and will become more polished and pliable with the time it is used, so it is very popular.


5.Ostrich skin


 If crocodile skin is public wild, then ostrich skin is introverted and elegant.It's softer than alligator skin, and it's 3-5 times stronger than the leather. And its natural degenerate pore can form the unique pattern of rivet, artificial hard to imitate.And because its cortex contains a kind of natural oil, can resist dryness, harden even crack, maintain soft firm


6.Lizard skin


Lizards have different growth environments, including underground, surface, vegetation, desert, islands and so on.Is a kind of natural treasure animal, cannot raise, so its biggest characteristic is expensive.


7.Deer skin


Deerskin is characterized by large pores,Meanwhile, the distance is larger and the water resistance is stable. As for soft and solid things, this is the standard of most leather.