Realizing New Breakthrough In The Industry Of Ultra-fiber Leather Synthetic Leather Accelerating The Pace Of Innovation

- May 15, 2017-

At present, the international environmental impact, many enterprises face financing difficulties, production costs increase, environmental deepening regulation and so on many pressures. Innovation has become a heavy industry. In the industry, the present situation and future innovation and development of synthetic leather in Wenzhou are put forward with constructive suggestions.

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To promote the sustainable development of the industry by technological innovation. Ultra-fiber leather synthetic leather industry experience more than 20 years of development, sitting in China's synthetic leather for more than 10 years, now production occupies the country's one-third, but many products of scientific and technological content and brand value is not high, product competition still stays at the lower level, the enterprise lacks innovation ability. With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous innovation of industry technology, the production management and technology have brought enormous challenges, especially the state has intensified the strict supervision of the emission of wastes. Insiders believe that the industry should be proactive in responding to measures, through technological innovation, in the efforts to do the existing production process and the treatment of three wastes at the same time, must actively promote the water-borne green synthetic leather and microfiber leather, to create high-end fashion products.

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To manage innovation, break the traditional management mode. The majority of synthetic leather enterprises are family enterprises, the management model has some limitations, it is difficult to retain talented people. Insiders believe that the management is not in the comprehensive, the key is to achieve a new breakthrough. Many enterprises have begun to manage the management of control business management to coordinate the business, hiring a professional marketing team to achieve the best resources to maximize the benefits.