Introduction Of Dyeing Technology Of Superfine Fiber Synthetic Leather

- May 15, 2017-

This article gives a introduction of dyeing technology of superfine fiber synthetic leather, which is mostly called as Micro Fiber Synthetic Leather.

Micro Fiber Synthetic Leather.jpg

Disperse dyes are a hydrophobic strong water soluble non-ionic dyes, there are no water-soluble groups in the structure but contain a lot of polar groups, such as-NO2,-NH2,-CN,-OG and so on. The dyeing rate of disperse dyes differs from the dye variety, and the color should be used to choose the dye with similar rate or better compatibility, such as disperse dyes and weak-ligand dyes or neutral dyes blending dyeing, to adjust the shade and improve the leveling, to achieve the purpose of each other.

The dyeing rate of disperse dyes is dependent on the temperature, so the temperature control should be noticed in dyeing. The temperature rises, will reduce the dispersant to dye absorption, the dye particles collide between, the chance of condensation increases. On the other hand, the temperature increases, so that the solubility of small particles and the increase of large particles, which will reduce the stability of dispersion. Therefore, the preparation of the dye solution temperature should be low, before dyeing should avoid prolonged heating dye. Generally in the 40 into dyeing, about 0.5 ℃/min warming to boiling. According to dye evenly dyed driving life situation, and then heat preservation washed.

Disperse dyes can be dyed on nylon and polyurethane simultaneously. The active groups in the dye are dyed and fixed by hydrogen bonds, van der Waals and PA6 molecules at the end of a large number of amide radicals and amino molecules. In addition, PA6 molecules contain a large number of non-polar hydrocarbon hydrophobic chains, which is also hydrophobic disperse dyes can be dyed brocade birch reasons. The molecular weight of disperse dyes is small, the diffusion performance is good, the dyeing method is simple, the uniformity is good, the sun fastness is good, the covering shame to skim better, can avoid the nylon because the aggregate size and the spinning time difference or the tensile degree different in the dyeing phenomenon. However, with disperse dyes dyeing PA6, its saturation value is very low, dyeing dark is more difficult.