How To Make Chinese Ultra-fiber Leather, Ultra-fiber Suede Industry To Do Big

- May 15, 2017-

Synthetic leather industry in China is a new industry after the founding of the country, 50 the late 1990s began to develop, after decades of development, the synthetic leather of our country has begun to take shape, and become people's daily consumption of important industries.

Synthetic leather production enterprises in China, mainly distributed in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Guangdong developed metropolitan area. At present, the production energy of synthetic leather and modern equipment level in our country reach the level of developed countries. At the same time, the composite manufacturing industry chain has been formed. Stepping into the 21st century, the world economy presents the globalization, high-tech revolution and the three trends of adjustment of industry and capital structure, breaking the original economic pattern, entering the process of globalization and integration. Synthetic leather industry development shows "two freshman fast three increase" situation, namely, economic scale and economic total expansion, the scale of professional market expansion; varieties change fast; private enterprises, equipment and benefits increase.

China's successful accession to WTO has brought new opportunities for synthetic leather development. At the same time, it also provides a fair and impartial international trade environment. Therefore, we must shift our attention to improving the quality of synthetic leather products. We should further create conditions, restructure assets, transform mechanisms, form groups to adapt to the fierce market competition.