How To Clean Up, Maintain Imitation Suede, Suede Skin, Suede

- May 15, 2017-

1. Ash removal. Available brushes (also available for vacuum cleaners).

2. Prop up with shoe (some plastic or wooden shoe brace can change with shoe shape).

3. Use special brush. Note the special brush of copper wire surface mainly handles the heavier spots and polished parts. First with the rubber face to a direction brush, the stains focus on the circle rubbing, and then with copper wire knead. The side seam is cleaned with brush hairs on the side of the brush.

4. Rub the upper with damp sponge. The aim is to facilitate the treatment of water-soluble substances.

5. Shake leveling detergent spray on the surface. Brush back and forth with rubber brush repeatedly to remove both sides of the fiber stains, dirty foam with the tide sponge suction dry.

6. Drying more than 10 minutes, wait for the hair slightly dry, still some damp when using rubber surface inverse Mao Chang to brush, brush the shoe body in this direction, make the hair disperse, so that the following processing is.

7. Dry for half an hour, and so on the rear shoe inside the newspaper protection, from shoe 15 cm evenly spray the update agent. The update agent contains light agent, colloid (enhanced adhesion of other substances), pigments, solvents (soluble mixture), etc. The purpose of spray renewal agent is complementary color. Black shoes, such as wearing a long time to be easy to reverse white, preferably with the color update agent, that is, black shoes to use the best black update agent, brown shoes are best used to update, and so on.

8. To dry after the rubber face to brush down the Mao Chang, so that the color is consistent.

9. Finally put the Desiccant collection.

If the shoe wears a long time, the dirty place is many and the stain is more stubborn, the general surface cleanup also is difficult to achieve satisfactory result, can use the following method to deal with.

Cleaning: with 2 detergent, 1 servings of vinegar, 50 servings of water (temperature 30) with a cleaning solution, but also add 4 servings of milk. Dip the shoe brush with the solution and scrub the surface of the shoe carefully. When brushing the attention not to dip shoes into the solution, and try not to let the shoes stained with excessive solution to avoid the water inside the shoe. When the surface of the basic washing of leather shoes, and then rinse the surface of the leather shoes twice, then plug in the newspaper to prevent the distortion of shoes, shoes in a cool and ventilated place to dry.