BASF Making A New Development Plan About Leather Production Series

- Aug 12, 2017-

  Leather and chemical manufacturer- BASF will use the 2017 China International Leather Exhibition platform to show its new series of eco-friendly products.The new products are said to help leather companies reduce carbon emissions and reduce energy and water use.


  Especially prominent is the compound tanning and waterproof wet treatment series products In particular, the leather will be displayed at the exhibition at the fair, which will be held in Shanghai on 30 Aug-1 September.


  BASF's entire production system of automotive lether will also be displayed in the exhibition. The entire coating will not need to be added to the aromatic solvent. The products are fully in line with the latest regulations of China.

leather for automotive.jpg

  BASF’’s vice President -Mati of leather chemicals in preparation for the leather fair, according to the international buyers require suppliers of products fully comply with environmental, occupational health and safety and social responsibility, our product can help leather enterprise production leather is not only conform to the standards of sustainable development and related laws and regulations, at the same time, can meet the needs for the latest trends in the international market.


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