Analysis On Production And Application Of Ultra-fiber Leather In Leather Industry

- May 15, 2017-

After nearly 50 years of development and expansion of synthetic leather industry, China has become a big country in the production and consumption of artificial leather and synthetic leather. 2005, synthetic leather production was 780,000 tons. At that time the whole industry traditional technology bias, low-grade products, products lack competitiveness. Market on garment leather, sofa leather, automotive decorative leather and other high-end varieties also rely heavily on imports, China is not the production of man-made leather power.

1970, Japan Toray began to develop suede-like garment fabrics, with 0.05d ultra-fine polyester production of suede-style imitation leather debut, unveiled the era of ultra-fine fibers. 1983, Nylon superfine fiber developed with the leather style of imitation suede. 1997 Japan Asahi into the use of ultra-fine polyester, Japanese Emperor with ultra-fine nylon for raw materials, production of various styles of clothing with ultra-fiber leather. For more than 30 years, Japan's ultra-fiber leather products have been enduring. Although the market occupies the biggest position by the monopoly market, the varieties, the style quality still dominate, the technology unceasing improvement and the variety, the style diversification, so that Japan currently enjoys the abundant profit in the ultra-fiber leather field.

Korea Daewoo from 1993 to invest 3.5 billion yen imported equipment to start production of ultra-fiber leather fabrics, a few years of rapid growth of ultra fiber leather production, has become the second largest production base in Korea. China's Taiwan three-fang company from 1995 to develop the island short fiber, using toluene solvent extraction of fiber production of ultra-fiber leather. After that, China's Yantai Wanhua and Miyoshi cooperation, using three aromatic toluene stripping technology and equipment production of ultra-fiber leather. Then, China's Shandong is the same big, Wenzhou Yellow River, Shanghai Hua Feng, Wuxi double elephant manufacturers are also using this technology and equipment production of the island ultra-fiber leather. 2004 Xiamen Hongxin through Self-developed Island short fiber technology and Qiu Ka product trial success.

In recent years, foreign expansion is relatively small, focusing on product development and characteristics of the main ingredients, Japan's six companies are not identical products, each with unique characteristics, in their respective areas of development. Their main products are used for groceries, followed by the amount of footwear, the lowest dosage of garment leather.