Alligator Skin Upholstery

Alligator Skin Upholstery

WINIW Alligator Skin Upholstery is very suitable for making high quality bags & handbags, its surface and hand feel is the same as natural animal skin, but its physical & chemical performance is even better than animal skin, is the best leather substitute !
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WINIW microfiber pu leather can has different alligator print, and different colors as per customers request, high strength, superior durable, soft and flexible as natural leather.

Features of WINIW Alligator Skin Upholstery:
1. Same as the Natural leather of the surface.
2. No smell and volatilization,stable colour,abrasion resistance,easy to clean and good light fastness.
3. Good tensible and tearing strength on the back fabric.
4.Soft and comfortable on hand feeling.
5. Anti-scraping, wrinkles-resistant .

Alligator Skin Upholstery

Faux Alligator Skin Upholstery

Microfiber Alligator Skin Upholstery

Alligator Skin Upholstery Material

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