Synthetic Nubuck Leather

Synthetic Nubuck Leather

Synthetic Nubuck Leather Features: 1 Abrasion-Resistant, Superior durable, excellent abrasion resistance(Scuff resistance). 2 Good resistance to acid and alkali, and weather resistant. 3 Thick and dense, warm and strong, keeps your skin fresh and your body comfortable. 4 Anti-mildew, can keep fresh and clean long time. 5 Comfortable touch feelings, compare with natural leather. 6 High tear strength, tensile strength, and seam strength. 7 Regular size in rolls, uniform thickness, high usage ratio, high production efficiency. 8 Light weight, 30% lighter than natural leather, meet the light weight design demands and fuel economy.
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Product Details

Synthetic Nubuck Leather

Synthetic Nubuck Leather Basic Details:

Material: Nylon+PU

Width: 1.37 Meter

Thickness: 0.8mm-1.8mm

Color: Black, Brown, Grey, all colors available

MOQ: 500 Mters

Synthetic Nubuck Leather Applications:

Shoes,boots, bags, belt.

Synthetic Nubuck Leather

faux nubuck fabric

faux nubuck leather

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