Microfiber Synthetic Material Shoe Counter Lining

Microfiber Synthetic Material Shoe Counter Lining supplier in China! WINWI Suede Microfiber Synthetic Leather has very good wear resistance, high strength, good breathable, is the best quality synthetic shoe counter lining material, can replace leather counter lining perfectly for shoes! WINIW...
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Microfiber Synthetic Material Shoe Counter Lining supplier in China!

WINIW specialize in supply all kinds of high quality microfiber lining and PU faux shoe lining materials for shoes, microfiber pigskin lining, microfiber cow lining, microfiber sheepskin lining, PU shoe lining, microfiber counter lining, etc.

Specification of WINIW Microfiber Synthetic Material Shoe Counter Lining:

1.Composition: Nylon + PU (polyurethane).

2.Thickness: 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm.

3.Width: 1.37m.

4.Color: all colors available.

5.Packing: roll packing, 30m per roll.

6.MOQ: 1000 meters.

Microfiber Synthetic Material Shoe Counter Lining Application:

Daily shoes; Military shoes; Work shoes; Literature and sports shoes; Travel shoes; Medical corrective shoes; Boots.Children shoes

shoe counter lining

shoe counter lining

shoe counter lining

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WINIW1:Would it be possible to customize the leather and the packaging with our logos? How much would it cost?
- Yes,it is possible,we we can talk further if you have some good ideas,of course we can offer you a discount and the budget according to your quantity.
WINIW2:Are there more colors available?
-Yes,of course,but we suggest you use our normal colors for first trial order,it is good for lead time if you want to test quality quickly.
WINIW3:What is your payment method?Please confirm.
-Usually we only accept T/T and L/C.

WINIW4: How about your service?
We have a team of top salespeople ready to serve you with their profession, experience and sincerity.
Contact us if you have any further questions, we will try our best to bring you much convenience and success.

WINIW5: Have you sample available to send me? If so, Can you send me to my company directly? What would be the final cost of that? How is the procedure and the final cost of the sample?
-Yes,we can send you one or more directly in a week,just let me know the correct address and zip code,we can help you check all fees,but we will charge sample fee for samples and we can refund you if you can order more.
WINIW6:How does warranty work for this? And how is the procedure in case of claim of one of our customers?
-Usually we support technical assistance at any time and offer free one if the problems from your customers and caused by bad quality products,of course our customers should maintain and care for e scooter and ensure it work fine in right way.we can talk further about this term.
WINIW7:Do you support "Dropshipping"system?How is the procedure?What is the conditions?Can I do an exclusive agent?
- We can talk further if you would be interested in them and send us agent plan.

If you are looking for the microfiber synthetic material shoe counter lining, please be free to buy the quality products made in China from our factory. As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of various leather products, we are always at your service.


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