Faux Leather Vinyl Upholstery

Faux Leather Vinyl Upholstery

Faux Leather Vinyl Upholstery Features:
1 Nice elastic,recover back fast.
2 Comfortable feels, same as natural leather, make your seats and interior very comfortable.
3 High tear strength, tensile strength, and seam strength.
4 Good resistance to acid and alkali, and weather resistant, easy maintain.
5 no flaw(or very little) on the surface,shows its different quality
6 Regular size in rolls, uniform thickness, high usage ratio, high production efficiency.
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Product Details

 Faux Leather Vinyl Upholstery Production Details



Backing Technic



Finished, Embossed, Flocked, Printed,etc


137cm,  54


Automotive/Vehicle interior upholstery, Armrest,etc


0.5mm-2.5mm, customized

Place of Origin

Fujian, China (Mainland)


PU Microfiber Leather


500 meters per color

Supply Ability

15000000 meters/year


Colors: Black, Brown, Wine Red, Beige, Grey, Cinnamon, all colors available.


T/T, 30% deposite in advance, 70% balance before shipment


30m/50m per Roll , or customer's requirements

Delivery Time

within 10-15 days after the deposite



Our advantages about Faux Leather Vinyl Upholstery


we are specialized in high-end microfiber leather production manufacture.       


We have experience of manufacturing leathers more than 10 years.              


We can ensure the products meet the quality and  the goods will be delivered on time.


We have dedicated sales waiting for your questions at any time, email us or call us directly.


We make all kinds of microfiber leathers in our cooperation factories, competitive price is available.

Product Use Scene

Vehicle doors. Vehicle penal. Steering wheel covers. Car roof.  Seat cover.  Armrest.  Aircraft interior upholstery,  Marine interior upholstery, etc

 faux leather vinyl upholstery

faux leather vinyl upholstery

faux leather vinyl upholstery

Faux Leather Vinyl Upholstery Usage Performance:

faux leather vinyl upholstery

Faux Leather Vinyl Upholstery

faux leather vinyl upholstery

Faux Leather Vinyl Upholstery

faux leather vinyl upholstery

Faux Leather Vinyl Upholstery

Packing & Factory:





WINIW1: Why choose us ?

A, We have our own manufacturing factory, own testing and developing lab
B, We have senior engineers checking the quality, during and after the production
C, We have standard testing report from SGS, and verification from alibaba.com
D, We have dedicated sales waiting for your questions at any time, email us or call us directly

WINIW2: How do you control the products quality?

We have professional QC team in each step, which well control your goods quality during all the mass production till shipping time. Besides, we have very high & responsible work staff. We can do inspection service for you.

WINIW3: How much is the PU/Microfiber leather you sell? Can we get a discount?

It depends on the thickness, designs, backing and quantity. Prices could be better, if the purchasing quantity is larger.

WINIW4:What's the normal thickness of imitation leather?
A, Bag leather (0.6mm~1.4mm)   
B, Sofa/Car seat cover leather (0.7mm~2.0mm)
C, Shoe upper leather (1.0mm~2.0mm)
D, Shoe lining leather (0.5mm~1.0mm)
E, Garment leather (0.4mm~0.8mm)

Faux Leather Vinyl Upholstery Tips - How to deal with car seat peeling:

You can try the following repair methods: During the use of leather, some hard damage is inevitable. Once this happens, remedial measures should be taken. In  general, the appearance of leather garments can be divided into four  situations: scratching the surface: the surface of the leather is  polished away, but the leather is not penetrated through the hole; the  surface is scratched: some kind of weapon cuts the surface of the  leather, but it does not Leather  is scratched; breaks: tears or sharp cut leather, leather appears to be  open, but no hole; hole: leather hole damage caused by some reason. The above different situations can be remedied in different ways.
(1)  Wipe the surface: first wipe the damage clean, if the damage is not  deep, you can directly use the leather coating mortar coating (can be  obtained from the leather factory or leather clothing store), so that  the damage to the original color and appearance .
(2)  Scratch the surface: wipe the damaged part cleanly and stick the  scratched leather piece with leather adhesive. After drying, if the mark  is obvious, sandpaper can be used to polish the surface and then coat  with leather sizing until it reaches the original color and Appearance.
(3) Break: Look for a piece of leather or cloth that is longer than the break, about 1.5mm in width, and put it in the break. At  the same time, apply leather glue on the reverse side of the leather  and then carefully align the breach and secure the two together. If the surface is obvious, it can be smoothed with sandpaper and coated with leather.
(4)  Breaking the hole: First find a skin that is larger than the hole and  consistent with the color of the leather coat, trim the hole neatly, and  carefully grind out the slow slope with the sandpaper on the opposite  side of the edge of the hole, so that it is not obvious when sticking  the skin. . After  grinding, apply leather glue on the back of the hole and the leather on  the back of the hole to stick the skin in the hole. Then carefully wipe the adhesive off.

If you are looking for the faux leather vinyl upholstery, please be free to buy the quality products made in China from our factory. As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of various leather products, we are always at your service.
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