Car Fabric Upholstery

Car Fabric Upholstery

Car Fabric Upholstery Features:
Material: Nylon+PU
Width: 137cm, 54”
MOQ: 500 meters per color
Thickness: 0.5mm-2.5mm, customized
Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Color: Black, Brown, Wine Red, Beige, Grey, Cinnamon, all colors available.
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Product Details

Car Fabric Upholstery Features:

a,  Awesome elastic material, keeps your body fresh when you sit.

b,  Good resistance to acid and alkali, and weather resistant, easy maintain.
c,   No flaw(or very little) on the surface,shows its different quality
d,  Regular size in rolls, uniform thickness, high usage ratio, high production efficiency.
e,  Light weight, 30% lighter than natural leather, meet the light weight design demands and fuel economy.

f,  The perfect combination of material and art, the precise match between human body and WINIW.

Car Fabric Upholstery Use :
Vehicle doors.Vehicle penal.Steering wheel covers.Car roof. Seat cover. Armrest. Aircraft interior upholstery, Marine interior upholstery, etc

Car Fabric Upholstery

Car Fabric Upholstery

Car Fabric Upholstery

Package and Warehouse:

Car Fabric Upholstery Use Environment Examples:

Car Fabric Upholstery

Using for Car Interior Upholstery

Car Fabric Upholstery

Using for Car Seats

Service procedure :

Service procedure

Fun topic about Car Interior Upholstery- car ice cushion

[Good idea: car ice cushion]
This car ice cushion is really cold! Because  it uses the "ice sand and blue ice" two kinds of refrigeration  materials to achieve the best cooling effect, the car temperature is  still more than 40 degrees, when the blue ice bar just removed from the  refrigerator into the small The pockets can keep the temperature of the ice pad at 27 degrees in 4 to 6 hours. Therefore,  this cushion is indeed a good idea, “very cold”, brings a coolness to  summer driving and driving in summer, and improves “ride comfort  experience”!

[Existing problem]
It is undeniable that this car ice cushion is indeed very creative, but there are also some obvious problems:
1, the use of inconvenient. Because  before each use in the summer, it is necessary to remove the blue ice  bar from the refrigerator and insert the smoothie pad. There  are two problems with this. The first is that each time you use it, you  first need to find a refrigerator first to "freeze" the blue ice,  whether it is a domestic refrigerator or a car refrigerator; second is  that each time you need to "insert" the blue ice bars into the ice cream  mat. . These  two actions increase the complexity of the entire operation. You must  know that consumers are lazy. Now the trend of products is simpler, more  worry-free, and better!
2, the use of time is not long. The effective time of the car ice cushion is 4~6 hours. If you drive long distances, it will exceed the effective time.
No matter what, car seat cover evaluation network believes that we should encourage innovation! Good products are constantly innovating. It  is hoped that in the future car cushions will have more new  technologies, new materials and new products available to meet  consumers' more comfortable and convenient needs!

If you are looking for the car fabric upholstery, please be free to buy the quality products made in China from our factory. As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of various leather products, we are always at your service.
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